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What is an IRS CP504 notice?

This is the final notice from the IRS. This notice is Notice of Intent to Levy as required by Internal Revenue Code Section 6331 (d). It is the final reminder telling the taxpayer that the IRS intends to levy their wages, bank accounts, or state tax refund because there is an unpaid balance on one of the taxpayers tax accounts. It is also telling the taxpayer that the IRS will begin searching for other assets on which to issue a levy. To avoid this, the taxpayer must pay the amount you owe immediately or retain my law firm immediately do that we can help.

The IRS can also file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien if it had not already done so. A lien is a public notice to the taxpayers creditors that the IRS has a right to the taxpayers interests in the taxpayer's current assets and any assets the taxpayer acquires after the IRS files the lien; it can affect the taxpayer's ability to get credit.

This notice also explains the denial or revocation of the taxpayer's United States Passport. The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act legislation, generally prohibits the State Department from issuing or renewing a passport to a taxpayer with seriously delinquent tax debt.

Understanding each notice the IRS sends to you is crucial. When you receive a CP504 notice from the IRS, it means they are done asking. We understand the stress of dealing with the IRS and will lift the burden of dealing with the IRS from you. We help taxpayers prevent a levies and liens.


Have you received a notice from the IRS, or if you have years of unfiled tax returns, reach out to our office. We’ll schedule a no-obligation confidential consultation to explain your options to permanently resolve your tax problem. Click here to schedule your no cost consultation. We charge a flat fee for our services and will stop the IRS collection efforts.

Jace Kentner

Tax Attorney


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