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Non Profit Organizations

We are one of the leading providers of legal services to nonprofit organizations. We have acquired business acumen and in-depth industry knowledge on state and federal tax and nonprofit issues. We are well versed on the challenges facing tax-exempt organizations, which has enabled us to make significant contributions to nonprofit entities through our use of innovative approaches to meeting their legal and organizational needs.

We strive to keep our clients informed of important developments in this area of law as it relates specifically to their organization. Meanwhile, our firm is equally committed to learning about our nonprofit clients’ operations, as well as their objectives and challenges. This combined focus allows us to enhance our clients’ decision-making while also achieving desired outcomes and results.

Our unique approach to educating nonprofit boards of director and staff and our focus on the operational details has been successfully applied to a myriad of organizations. Nonprofit Organizations has a broad range of practice areas and services, including:



Joint Ventures

Entity Structuring

Mergers and Acquisition

Form 990 Advice


Charitable Giving

Tax Compliance

Planning to minimize Unrelated Business Income


Excise Taxes on Compensation

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