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Estate Planning


Who needs an estate plan; in a word, everybody. Even those of you who are still building your net worth.  Why?  A well-designed estate plan helps you control and manage the distribution of assets – during your lifetime and after death – in a tax-effective manner. 

Estate planning is not only for the elderly or the wealthy; it is for anyone who wishes to make his or her choices legally effective.


Our experienced estate planning attorneys are proficient in the legalities of wills, trusts and probate.

Can you answer the following questions with absolute certainty?

    Who will make your health care decisions if you are unable to make them?

    Who will sign legal documents for you if you are ill, incompetent, or unable?

    Will your doctors follow your wishes regarding end of life care?

    Will the government receive your assets when you die?

We create a personal plan for each client that addresses:

  • Smooth transitions with emphasis on avoiding the unnecessary and wasteful probate court

  • Accumulation of wealth and gifting opportunities

  • Planning for retirement, illness or disability

  • Planning for education expenses and needs of children and grandchildren

  • Current business management and succession planning

  • Disposition of assets at death, including trust planning for family members or other individual or charitable beneficiaries

  • Coordination of asset ownership for efficient operation of the estate plan

    Take Charge of Your Future with an Estate Plan.  

Kentner Law has offices in St. Louis and Kansas City, Mo. however, we manage cases throughout the state of Missouri.

To schedule your no cost telephone or video consultation, please press the "Book It" button below and follow the online instructions.  This is a confidential consultation.  We do not share your information with anyone.  In these uncertain times our commitment to you is that in our consultation you will have your questions about estate planning answered and obtain an understanding of the tools you need to accomplish your estate planning goals.

Modern Estate Planning Package. Click to learn more.

Modern Estate Planning Package

Legacy trust package. Click to learn more.

Legacy Trust Package

Individual Documents       of Interest for             Estate Planning 

Durable Power of Attorney

Last Will & Testament

Living Will

Beneficiary Deed

Beneficiary Deed of Gift

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