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Legacy Trust Package

The "Legacy Trust Package" was created to provide the documents that plan your estate in an affordable and understandable bundle that should avoid the delays and expense of probate.  Below is the list of documents you will receive in your bundle for one set price:

Springing Durable Power of Attorney.  Your Durable Power of Attorney can be designed to NOT allow your attorney in fact to act on your behalf until you become incapacitated.  Therefore, you will have complete control over your affairs until you are incapacitated.

Living Will (advanced directive)– memorializes your decisions regarding end of life medical care

Last Will and Testament – memorializes your decision regarding how your assets will be distributed at your death.  We prepare this document as a stop gap measure to accommodate for missed assets or assets acquired and inadvertently not covered by your non-probate transfers

Revocable Living Trust -- can provide for uninterrupted management of your assets and continuation of your income during your lifetime should you become incapacitated.  Can be used for avoiding the costs, delays, and publicity associated with probate.  Since it is revocable, you have the power to alter, amend, or terminate the trust at any time.

To schedule your no cost telephone or video consultation, please press the "Book It" button below and follow the online instructions.  This is a confidential consultation.  We do not share your information with anyone.  In these uncertain times our commitment to you is that in our consultation you will have your questions about estate planning answered and obtain an understanding of the tools you need to accomplish your estate planning goals.

FREE Consultation. Living Will Springing Durable Power of Attorney Revocable Trust Will
Free Consultation Legacy Trust Package
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